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Moderator here. [Mar. 24th, 2005|02:50 pm]


Making Taking Stock...

I started this community a long time ago and was quite pleased to find out that 1) I wasn't the only person out there who had wanted to see the film and Had, and 2) that people enjoyed it and wanted to talk about it.

I admit over the last few months I have been neglectful of this place but I feel like changing that. (channeling certain urges through here I imagine would be more productive for my mental health than dealing with them in the real world where police and lawsuits could become involved.) Some of it is inspired by the fact that I just read the book. (third attempt to complete it and I did [yay!], suspect my mind was too young the first couple of times to deal with it even though I did watch the movie obsessively before I read the book.) and the other element is the fact that I am currently holding a job in a luxury department store where I'm catering to the needs of Tim Price's, Paul Owens' and Halberstrams of the local area where all that matters is how much it costs. (although yesterday I did nearly kill my boss in a bateman like rage... at least in my head.)

My point is, in this post, that in a couple months this community is going to be four years old and we've actually lost a number of members over the years through inactivity or lack of focus. and I am interested in getting this comm bigger, and better. how I plan to do this I'm not sure but I have the beginnings of a plan. As a future literature teacher I might post some guided discussions on the book, the film or the book and the film. but I think first... we might need to do some remodeling around here.

Suggestions are welcome.

[User Picture]From: mr_plow
2005-03-24 09:16 pm (UTC)
maybe team up with the bret easton ellis community..people dont write in it too much..but more than here..
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